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"Opportunity Was Knocking and I Wasn't Ready to Answer"
I was waiting for a promotional position for a long time.  Out of the blue, several positions became available at once. Finally, I could move up, or so I thought, until I looked at my resume. It hadn't been updated in 10 years.  I contacted  InterviewingSolutions By Shine for the help I so desperately needed. 
They conducted a needs assessment, listened to my abilities, and reframed how I perceived the functions of my current position. InterviewingSolutions worked collaboratively with me and welcomed any suggestions or changes that I wanted to make. I had a short window of time to submit my resume and cover letter.  They made my needs a priority. Not only was it done on time, it was done in excellence. Thanks for your professional and courteous service.
Averill D. - ACS

I was introduced to Karen by a friend.  His exact words were “you need to meet her…I highly recommend her”.   From the moment we spoke on the phone, I felt comfortable with her professionalism, her level of expertise, and knowledge of the financial industry. Once she determined which direction we wanted to go, she prepared excellent resume samples for me to review.  I discovered that being in the financial industry for over 20 years, the format I was accustomed to was somewhat ancient.  Karen took the time to educate me as to what is now the most efficient way to present my years of experience, skills, and strengths in a very concise way. For that I am grateful.  She carefully reminded me that “this is what represents you and you must be comfortable with it".   She has a passion for resume and cover letter writing and helping her candidates SHINE.  This is evident in her hard work and dedication to the task at hand. Her ultimate goal for her clients is landing them the interview and eventually the right job.  She keeps you constantly motivated and prepared…always expecting success. Karen prepares her candidates for the interview in a very detailed manner...she wants you to excel.  After hours of coaching and researching, I decided that I wanted to do a career change.  I was a little hesitant to communicate this to her. Once I did, she was open, very supportive, and encouraging.  She highlighted my transferable skills and immediately  structured  a resume which enabled me to transition into classroom teaching. Can I tell you, she sent me the completed resume at about 3:30 one afternoon?  I sent it off to two schools that evening.  I received an invitation for an interview the following day to a school in my district.  I have been working there ever since.  Thanks again Karen for guiding me on this journey.  I can say the experience has been Priceless and my experience has been absolutely Amazing, Awesome Appreciated & Admirable.
Marcia W. - NYC Dept of Education Teacher/Citibank, NYC
Karen is one of the most passionate and professional individuals I have ever worked with. She is truly committed to her clients, and she is extremely dedicated to their progress and success. She has helped me through every step in the transformation process and has made sure that I was on my "A" game all the time. Karen is very intelligent and hard working. Without her services, I wouldn't know where I would be in this tough economic climate. She taught me how to go against the grain and to not be average. She has consistently impressed me with her ability to care about my progress. Karen has made sure that I have great focus, and because of her and her services, guiding me throughout my journey, I landed my dream job in finance with a Fortune 500 on Wall Street.
 I highly recommend InterviewingSolutions by Shine. She will prepare you for the "Job of Interviewing" and make sure you succeed every step of the way. She will help you get your dream job. You must work hard and you must be committed every step of the way!
 Thank you Karen, for all your hard work and dedication to my success!
 Philip G. - Florida University/Moody's Investor Services
On a scale of 1 to 10 my interviewing skills was a 2.  I didn’t know that until I started working with Karen at InterviewingSolutions.  After graduating from college in 2012 and not wanting to waste any time on my job-hunting search, I went to InterviewingSolutions for help.  I got more than I expected.  Karen worked with me one on one in the areas I needed help with…everything from preparing my resume, to my attire, to teaching me the “art of interviewing”.   I didn’t know there was so much involved in getting ready for a job interview but she coached me through it, and it built my confidence.  Now, I can confidently sit in front of any interviewer and talk about who I am, and why I will be an asset to their company. I have successfully landed a new job with Citibank and I am on my way to a career in Compliance.
K. Murillo - Hunter College, NY
I'm a parent of a recent grad and I contacted Interviewingsolutions at the suggestion of a friend.  I wanted my daughter to start her employment search being educated about the job market.  We met with Karen and she did a one-on-one session with my daughter.  The information she shared prepared my daughter well.  She avoided mistakes during her interviews and didn't waste time in a sea of applicant. In June my daughter will be starting a new position at a fortune 500 company.  Most of her friends are still looking for work.   As a parent it is nice to see my child employed.  Thank You Interviewingsolutions.
J. Chapman - New York, NY
"It’s no secret that it’s difficult for anybody to find a job these days. Even more difficult is finding a job with no experience, just out of college, and with little help. But luckily, I discovered the services of InterviewingSolutions by SHINE, LLC, which truly helped me a great deal. While most people I talked to only gave me a kind word of encouragement, Karen worked with me to best prepare me for a job interview and improve my resume. She saw what I needed help at and knew what to do. She talked me through my wavering confidence, gave me some huge pointers, and was kind and careful with her words. She was prepared to help me, and she did, well enough to be a big influence in me finally being able to land a job.
Even now, after I’ve already found a job, she’s still checking in on me to see how things are going, and is still ready to prepare me further for another job, should I be interested. This just proves that she actually cares about me and how I’m doing, and not just helping me because she feels obligated to. She’s been great in the short time I’ve known her, both because of her helpfulness and how good a person she is, and I feel very lucky having met and gotten to know her."
N. Lam - BlackRock
"I used InterviewingSolutions by Shine, LLC and my life has changed for the better.  My resume was a disaster and Shine, LLC made the proper modifications and improvements. Not long after, the phone was ringing.  I landed a job not even 30 days after Shine, LLC revamped my resume.  They were fast & professional. I will refer my family & friends to Shine, LLC anyday."
E. Rheubottom - Alpharetta, GA
"It was Christmas time.  My daughter was out of work.  I gave my 3 grandchildren the gifts they asked for and decided to get my daughter a special gift.  I saw her resume, and it was in bad shape.  I live in New York, she lives in Georgia.  In an effort to help her, I googled some resume-writing companies in Georgia but nothing worked out.  I even called a resume-writing company in New York and that didn't work out either.
I contacted a friend of mine to see if she knew of someone who can help.  To my surprise and pleasure, I learned that she had founded a company specializing in job interview preparation, resume building and teaching clients how to "Shine" and to put their best foot forward when looking for a job.  This had to be Divine-Intervention!  It was just what I had been searching for.  "InterviewingSolutions by SHINE, LLC" did the best resume I've ever seen for my daughter, did fantastic cover letters, took my daughter through the interview process and gave her overwhelming confidence.  It worked. She got the first job she applied for. I couldn't believe it.  Today, I'm a proud dad; proud of my daughter and happy for my grandchildren.  The money I paid to "InterviewingSolutions" was reasonable and is by far the best investment I've ever made.   My daughter called this year’s Christmas' present the "Gift That Keeps on Giving."
Thanks SHINE, LLC!!
Greg R. - New York
"InterviewingSolutions helped my nephew with his interviewing skills.  Since graduating from college with an economics degree he wasn’t having much luck finding a suitable job.   Someone told me about this company and I referred my nephew.  They re-did his resume and coached him in the right way to interview.  He got a job offer in finance the same day he interviewed.   Now he is using his degree.
If you need help learning how to interview, this is a good place to get it done...the right."
 K. Wong - New York
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