InterviewingSolutions by SHINE, LLC - "Preparing Students for the Job of Interviewing"
CONGRATS! You have attended classes, sat through lectures, taken exams (pass or fail) and now you are nearing graduation OR have already graduated.
So what’s next? The time has come for you to trade in those textbooks, jeans and highlighters for a well-structured resume, business attire and the interviewing skills set needed to nail the interview and get the job you want.
Finding the right job to start your career IS a job, AND it requires preparation to compete in what has become a fierce and competitive job market.
The key is knowing how to prepare for an interview and how to avoid common pitfalls most novice make. Many graduates, new to the formal job market, find themselves ill-prepared to sit in front of an interviewer. As a result, they lose out on employment opportunities that are perfect for starting their career. It is important to know HOW to sell one self through being confident, poised, clear-thinking, and having an understanding of what is being asked of you by an interviewer. The only way to accomplish that is by being shown HOW to do it.
As a result InterviewingSolutions By SHINE, LLC was established to prepare you to shine on your interview day. Because you only get one opportunity to make a lasting impression, do not chance your big day to only a good night’s sleep and a nice suit. Increase your chances of winning interviews by getting prepared!!
This is an investment in your future career.

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