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The Perfect Graduation Gift
Give your GRAD or soon-to-be grad the gift that gives back to YOU -  “Preparing to Find Employment”.
Now that your child’s college academic years are coming to a close or has come to a close, the next chapter starts a new beginning for the both of you.
For Your Grad, it is a time for them to embark on a new journey of finding gainful employment, getting their own place, and the capability to financially manage their personal and professional lifestyle.
For You, it should be a time to start letting go of some of the financial responsibilities that are associated with funding your child’s educational and personal endeavors.  It is your time to start enjoying the fruits of your labor, as well as, looking forward to your golden years without the additional burden of debt.
If you are not careful, soon your recent grad will become an old alumni, still living at home, stressing your finances and still under or unemployed.
Give them a graduation gift that will benefit the both of you. The gift of  “Preparing to Find Employment.”  This gift will take your child through the 5P’s of Preparing to Interview.  It will cover the areas where most interviewers judge prospective candidates on.
We all know that having a college degree is not enough to land a position directly out of college anymore.  With a competitive job market in existence, employers are looking for top notch graduates who are well-prepared to interview and out-shine the competition.  A good resume will get your child in the door, but it takes an understanding of the art of interviewing to be an effective interviewee.  Novice interviewees must learn the 5Ps to preparing to successfully interview.
HELP your grad get prepared for the road to employment by giving them the perfect graduation gift called “Preparing to Find Employment”.  This knowledge will get them prepared faster and more efficiently for interviewing in the marketplace, and it will eliminate a lot of trial and error going forward.
 InterviewingSolutions BY SHINE, LLC has prepared and is preparing college students and recent grads for the “Job of Interviewing.”  Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help your child stand above the crowd.
Call us at 347-731-7488 or email at   Phone consultations are Free.  Though we are headquartered in NYC, we work with anyone who reaches out to us for assistance.
Don’t chance your child’s future to just having a college degree…get them prepared well in advance on the road to gainful employment.
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