InterviewingSolutions by SHINE, LLC - "Preparing Students for the Job of Interviewing"
We are a consulting firm designed to prepare students, graduates, and seasoned professionals with the interviewing skills-set needed to compete in the job marketplace.  Our focus is to give the novice job candidate to the experienced job candidate knowledge of the interviewing process and how to prepare themselves to compete with their counterparts.
We understand that candidates find themselves job hunting without a clear understanding or working knowledge of the interviewing arena.  This lack of understanding can and does cause needless pressure on top of the burden of unemployment.
Another strong belief we have is that investing in the tools and techniques needed to find employment is one of the wisest and most time- and cost-saving decision you can make as early as possible.
Our goal is to give you insight and educate you for the road ahead resulting in success.

Office:    347-731-7488
Hours:    Monday – Thursday (by scheduled appointments)
               8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
               Friday – Office Closed
Scheduling Coordinator:

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